I might just have to post twice today...

What an envigorating morning! I went for my daily summertime three mile run (there's nothing romantic about it - I do it indoors on a treadmill), and then jumped on my bicycle for a ride to Manhattan. The weather today is amazing - sunny, slightly breezy, clear blue skies - our nasty heat wave is officially over. My ride over the Queensboro Bridge was beautiful:

view of Roosevelt Island from the Queens side of the East River

the KeySpan plant that we see
no matter where we are in Queens

I picked up a few strands of beads in Manhattan, and I rode downtown to Adorama to buy some film for Barry for our vacation next week. I was a little tightly wound when I got home - Manhattan traffic was seriously intense today.
Then, while tooling around through my bookmarked blogs (checking out these blogs is my favorite way to unwind now), I came across a mention of sulu-design and my etsy shop that made me almost giddy. There's a terrific blog that I've been visiting religiously since I came across it. Make It is a "blog for craft entrepreneurs" that is maintained by Rifferaff, a crafter herself. Make It is full of highly relevant suggestions/links/interviews/etc. that help people like me develop a business out of their craft. The blog is a must-read for independent designers who are trying to make things happen with their creations. And in today's Make It post, there's a link to my post yesterday about the thrill of my first etsy sale! Thanks to Rifferaff for the mention of sulu-design's first etsy sale in today's Make It "blog dump."
I'm on cloud nine right now, so I think I'll put some of my energy to use and make a few more pairs of earrings this afternoon. Perhaps images of them will be posted later today...

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Funky Finds said...

Sounds like a fabulous day! happy weekend :)