Highlights from Family Fun Fest 2006

Just a quick photo post before bed. I'm back in New York after a week with the whole family on the shores of Lake Michigan. We gathered there to celebrate my mom's birthday:

I think the only reason Nonna's grandkids
like to help her blow out her candles is that
they get first swipe at the frosting

Mari (or Calamari, as she was called all week) approved of the frosting
from the cake we got at the local bakery,
but Nicholas kept singing the praises of Nonna's secret recipe

Nicholas and Martin are no-joke sand castle builders

Mari prefers the trucks

one night I made a ridiculously easy but extremely tasty
black bean and mango salsa (adapted from a recipe from Mike, my father-in-law)
to accompany the grilled tuna that my brother prepared
How nice to be able to grill out!

since the bed in our cottage was coverd in this log cabin quilt,
I couldn't go to sleep at night without thinking of
my friend, Maritza, who is a quilting machine as of late

while on vacation, Barry and I celebrated out fifth wedding anniversary
by bowling several frames at the local alley -
the lady who rented us our shoes didn't seemed at all bothered
by my request to commemorate the event by
photographing these size fives

It was great to be with my whole family for a week, a feat which rarely happens. Barry and I did spend some time on our own, scouring the antique/vintage/junk malls of Michigan's west coast. Tomorrow... our finds!


connie said...

sounds like a lovely vacation. and the shores of lake michigan- i know them well. can't wait to see what you've found!

Colette said...

What a wonderful trip! Sounds like the perfect vacation.

cynic the lamb said...

The kids look like they're having fun! Sounds like you had a wonderful time, too. Oh, and yes, that is a lovely quilt - beautiful, in fact.