Good Things Happening to Good People

I've been so excited the past few days about some great things that are happening at several of the special stores that carry sulu-design pieces...
First, Sodafine, a very hip shop owned by the adorable Erin, opened in its new location at 119 Grand Street in Willimasburg, Brooklyn. A couple weeks ago, when I met up with Erin to drop of sulu-design earrings and necklaces for the new store, she was still in the midst of renovating and setting up shop. But she opened her doors for business one week ago, and it sounds like the store's new location is a hit. I can't wait until I can get there and see it for myself. When I am able to get there, I'll take and post photos of the lovely interior - Erin does an amazing job with her stores' interiors.
Second, I was so psyched to read the article in the August 20th New York Times Sunday Styles section (top of page three, in case you haven't recycled it already) on Astoria and Long Island City boutiques. Three of the four stores featured carry sulu-design pieces, so I'm selfishly happy for the publicity. But I'm even more excited for the shop owners who have invested so much time and money setting up their businesses in Queens. Those of you reading this in NYC who want to support quality local businesses should stop by Subdivision, Loveday 31, and Mimi's Closet (all of which are referenced in my previous posts). Tell them sulu sent you.

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You go girl!!!!! That is great!