Fiori is Italian for Flowers

Quite a while back, when I had a subscription to Real Simple magazine, I came across some tips on how to turn one of those pre-wrapped bouquets full of cheap flowers into several decent looking arrangements. As I mentioned in one of yesterday's posts (yes, there were three posts yesterday), I'm cheap when it comes to buying things for myself. So today, when I headed off to the florist, my mission was to buy the cheapest bouquet of flowers I could find and put to use whatever I could remember from that Real Simple article. I ended up buying two bouquets from the $5.99 bucket, brought them home, and made my first attempt at floral arrangement. I'm not so fond of all the pink that I had to work with, and there were a few types of flowers that I'd never pick out individually, but overall I was happy with the results:

the 49 cent creamer on the kitchen table is finally filled

so is the one on the sideboard

usually carnations slay me, but I can deal with them
in this bud vase on the coffee table

an attempt to make the t.v. stand a little less hideous

can you believe I took my blog into the bathroom

in the bedroom - my nightside stand/bookshelf,
underneath a print from my parents
(yes, I even used that wretched baby's breath)

this last bedroom shot is not really about the flowers,
but more about the meaningful, fun gifts around them:
the blue vase is from my sister and her husband,
the mirror and the Danish carafe are from my bother and his wife,
and the industrial cabinet is from my in-laws

I'm hoping that these arrangements all over the apartment will provide a little pick-me-up during this week back to work. Hope your day is going well - if not, hey, buy some flowers!


Anonymous said...

wow, what a great idea! i usually buy flowers from the florist on the corner... but i get the 6$ Poms because they last about 2 weeks... but now I know if I want to get some color [the poms are usually white or yellow] i can get something cheap that'll end up nice looking

Melissa said...

wow susan, you've really taken to the whole blog experience! this is great!

maritza said...

I love what you've done with the flowers. So beautifully presented. Great photography, too. I like your compositions.

Elisabet said...

Wow, I love your blog, found it today via little messes, especially like to see all your fantastic finds. I saw some little things I actually have myself!

Anonymous said...

Would you like another subscription to Real Simple - am sure that schools will be selling them soon!

Anonymous said...

i spy thermos!! and they're fabulous! as is the rest of your finds. i love these flowers.

Anonymous said...

I´m in love with all your objects and vases - beautiful flower arrangements too!!

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