Beads and Bikes

Since it was a wee bit cooler here today, I couldn't resist getting out of the air-conditioned apartment and heading into Manhattan to my favorite bead store. I had a pretty specific color palate in mind for the beads I planned on using in my next batch o' earrings: deep browns, plummy purples, firey pinks, autumny oranges. I was able to find some beads that fit the bill, but I was also drawn to a few others that weren't on my original list:

The earring-making started as soon as I got home - these beads have me really excited. I worked on making jewelry for hours while Barry scanned negatives and edited his photos. A sample of the new earring designs (I made 35 pairs tonight) will be posted tomorrow.
We eventually decided to ride our bicycles to Cup, a cute neighborhood diner, for dinner:

As usual, Barry was a satisfied member of the Clean Plate Club. On the ride home, I realized that my previous post about all the terrific things we've found in the trash was missing two of our greatest finds of all - both of our bikes:

Now we're home and we're going to relax with some Mint Juleps (we're having trouble giving those up since out trip to New Orleans). Then it's off to bed - we're getting up early to meet Holly and Mike, our awesome friends from Portland, for breakfast. Nighty-night.

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