Always Editing

After I highly edited the pesto recipe last night, Barry and I sat down to a delicious dinner. There wasn't anything wrong with the original recipe. I just like my pesto a little less garlicy than most. Also, the recipe called for tomatoes, which I've never used as an ingredient in pesto, and I got a little excited by this twist. So I added a few more tomatoes than what the recipe called for. My favorite part of the process was opening this little can of anchovies. The tin is adorable and I couldn't stop smiling at the way in which each little guy was curled around a caper:

Barry was raving about the meal. I mean RAVING.
Thanks, Mom, for the recipe.

Today is as miserably hot as yesterday. I had to take care of some business outside, namely photographing our car, which we, sadly, are selling. I'm verging on 30, and it was only last year that I bought my first car, which is also our first car. So I'm a little attached to it for sentimental reasons. I'm also completely in love with the style of this thing, but it's not sensible for us, so we're finally cutting the cord.

I was a sweaty mess by the time I got back inside from taking pictures, and since then I've been staying close to two of my favorite home appliances: the air-conditioner and my sewing machine. The sewing machine was a gift from my wonderful mother-in-law, Judy. You can see the machine (and the air conditioner) behind me, as I'm modeling the t-shirt reconstruction I worked on today.

I started off trying to follow a cute pattern from the Miss Twiss blog, but, just as with the pesto recipe, I couldn't help but alter the plans a bit. I ended up taking the sleeves of an old Americorps t-shirt and turing them into the upper bodice/v-neck of the newly fitted shirt. All of this was inspired by the work of my Long Island City knitting pal, Melissa, who has been pretty darn crafty with t-shirts herself recently.
Oh, yeah. Since I set up this blog with the intent of showcasing my jewelry, I might as well include a couple images of recent designs:

Happy mini-Friday... you know, the day before little Saturday.


cynic the lamb said...

Oooh, I love the shirt! Great job! Please please explain the Miss Twiss pattern to me next time we meet. I have no idea why, but I just cannot get my head around it.

Colette said...

Cute redux on the tshirt - would you be willing to share the pesto recipe? - it sounds yummy