Subdivision, Long Island City

My second delivery this week was to Subdivision, a boutique/gallery space in L.I.C., Queens.

Subdivision is awesome because it is both a cool shop for men's and women's clothing and accessories by independent designers, and it is a gallery that exhibits work by local artists. And to top it all off, they throw amazing openings (see the d.j. table up front?).

I don't know of any other boutique in the entire borough that carries such a unique collection of fashion designs. And it's surrounded by all the great bars and restaurants on Vernon Boulevard!

Eva, Subdivision's manager, is a talented designer herself, and she handpicks the sulu-design earrings carried in the boutique. Her choices from this week's delivery include pieces made of the plastic chain I'm obsessed with recently (see my first post, below) and charms like anchors and horseshoes.


cynic the lamb said...

Great photographs!

Anonymous said...

How could you rave about the pesto and not give us the recipe? Actually, I think it might be the one that Mom gave to me too... You and Barry certainly eat in style with your Jonathan Adler S&P shakers and nice Danish candlestick. The items in the background of our dinner last night included a Smartie dispenser designed by Nicholas (only 25 cents for 10 smarties) as well as some obscure experiment that contained milled flax seed, whole wheat flour and ground mustard (concocted by my dear Martin, aka budding scientist/chef). My attempts at creating a sleek, minimalist living environemnt are somewhat futile. Also love the t-shirt, but alas my only sewing projects of late have been the stuffed animals the kids designed along with a Luke Skywalker tunic and Obi Wan cape. I wonder if my sister might want to whip one up for me?