One Person's Trash...

On our walk home last night, I got a kick out of noticing that Peter, Barry, and I all engage in the same habit. We all check out other people's trash. As we passed piles of garbage that residents had dragged out on the sidewalks for this morning's collection, each of us let our glances linger on the contents, hoping to find some amazing piece of furniture, picture frame, or who-knows-what to save from ruin. Peter and I come by this habit honest - my mother loves to remind us of the beautiful plant that she saved from death by plucking it from a garbage pile so many years ago. And Barry is a champ at finding treasures in the trash. So today, I looked around our apartment and took photos of some of the great garbage finds we've picked up over the past few years. Below is the just the short list. By the way, the soft lighting and out-of-focus state of several of the shots are not my attempt at being artsy. My husband is a photographer, I clearly am not. But I digress. Without further ado, ladies and gentleman, may I present:

this table in our entrance hall
- okay, entrance cubby -
folds up flat
Barry found it and it's twin, below, a few blocks from our place

behind the vintage dentist's lamp,
which was a gift from my sister, Maryanne,
is the twin table in its folded position

storing cd's causes such strife for order-obsessed people like me
luckily we found this huge crate outside our local bagel store
turned on its side, it holds cd's perfectly

my parents were visiting from Cleveland when we saw a pair of
industrial-looking stools on the street - the one we kept is a perfect plant stand
(thanks for carrying it, Dad)

my personal favorite - a Danish-looking sewing box
that now holds some of my jewelry-making supplies
we found right down the street from our apartment

a cart from a sewing studio in Soho ended up on the street
and later ended up as our bar cart/cookbook shelf

a Dansk piece that Barry found on his bicycle ride home from work -
I plan to use it to pot some low-lying succulents

a vintage Detecto scale that we rescued from our incinerator room


cynic the lamb said...

Those are some great finds there! Very cool.

maditi said...

your place is fabulous - love all your finds!
I also have a vintage sewing box, mine holds my jewelery ;)

fanja said...

gosh.. i'd like to check out the garbage with you! everything is quite amazing. and your house is lovely x