New Orleans Treasures

The wedding that brought us to New Orleans this past weekend allowed my husband and I to poke into several of the antique/vintage/junk stores on Magazine Street that we love. At one, Aesthetics & Antiques, I was overjoyed to find a tin of old, junky pieces of broken jewlery, mismatched earrings, and oddities that the store owner had tossed all together. I love rummaging through that kind of stuff. After digging through it all, I came up with a little collection of odds and ends that I intend on working into some necklaces. I'm thinking about incorporating some strips of fabric with them, too.

There is a fabulous jewelry store on Magazine called Dark Charm, owned by Robyn Lewis. Many of the pieces there have vintage finds incorporated into their design, too. If you're in New Orleans, make sure to check out Dark Charm (and you ought to check out Trashy Diva, the clothing store just down the street owned by Robyn's friend, Candice, as well).

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mia said...

ooooh, I love magazine street. Don't think I've been in the charm store, but the knitting/needlepoint store is a good time... which I know you probably skipped :)