Loveday 31, Astoria

In my mad rush to leave for a wedding in New Orleans last week, I neglected to post information and images on another shop that carries sulu-design earrings. Loveday 31, at 33-06 31st Avenue in Astoria, Queens, is by far the best place to shop in my neighborhood.

The owners have paid such great attention to detail - from the bold window displays, to the cool store fixtures, to their selection of merchandise - that the shop has an awesome, hip atmosphere. It is an oasis for Queens shoppers within the shopping district of Astoria.

Loveday 31 specializes in vintage clothing and accessories for men and women. They carry a carefully edited selection of dresses, tops, pants, skirts, belts, shoes, boots, bags, sunglasses, and, of course, jewelry.

Just look at the amazing selection of bags and boots! Queens shoppers are so lucky to have this in Astoria. And those who don't venture off the island of Manhattan to check out this store are missing out on great merchandise at affordable prices.

In the midst of all that great vintage, you can also find sulu-design earrings (displayed right there on the counter). The owners were sweet enough to veer a bit from the vintage focus to support a local desinger's endeavors. I don't mean to sound like a paid advertisement, but I highly recommend stopping by Loveday 31. I promise that you'll make yourself happy, and you''ll be supporting a local business that has serious style!

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