Lighting is Everything

Ha! I thought posting my so-so pictures would get this darn jewelry out of my mind for the evening. Fat chance. Instead, I obsessed over getting some decent shots of my remaining necklaces and recent earring designs. Finally, I realized that the photos of jewelry that I have been happiest with in the past are those taken in the natural sunlight in my living room (as opposed to those taken in the artificial light in my bedroom... I mean studio). So I dragged everything into the sun and came up with these:

New Orleans grammar award necklace

New Orleans fan necklace

fan necklace detail

more anchor earrings

carved mother of pearl earrings

Now I can finally sleep! Enjoy the rest of the weekend. I think I'll take a day off from blogging tomorrow as I've now posted four times in one day.


Colette said...

I really like those New Orleans pieces - Congrats on entering the cyber-age!

cccavicch said...

The blog looks great -- and so do the new earrings! I will definitely need to plan a shopping expedition to check out the great stores you mentioned.


John Ettorre said...

Very cool to find you here, Suzy. I'll watch your progress with interest.
John Ettorre

cynic the lamb said...

Those are beautiful! Wow, I love how amazing it is to find cool stuff like that, in a random junk pile, and to turn it into something so exquisite and precious. You did a great job of it there. I heart the earrings, too.
You have a wonderful sense of aesthetics.