Civic Duty Called

I woke up two days ago, excited to get a start on my to-do list for the day: photographing the four necklaces I made with my New Orleans finds, picking out pieces to list on etsy, and setting up the etsy account. Then it dawned on me - I was supposed to report for jury duty... and I was already 30 mintues late for it! I tore out of the apartment and made it to court just in time to sit for three hours, during which time I worked on knitting my fak-o scarf. It's fak-o since I don't consider myself a "real knitter." I don't get excited about the next issue of Vogue knitting, I don't read many knitters' blogs (unless they include other juicy content), and I don't start shaking when I touch really amazing yarn. In fact, I refuse to knit with anything other than the $1.99 junk I get at a discount store here in Astoria. I only knit to justify meeting up with the Long Island City knitting group once a week. They're a fun and inspiring group of women, many of whom do a lot more crafting than just knitting. So I have keep up this charade, which is currently resulting in this:

After two days, I was finally dismissed from jury duty, and I'm only a little bitter about not being chosen for a case. Long story short, I'm way behind on that two-day old to-do list. I have at least picked out the pieces that I plan to list on etsy. I've got to photograph each of them individually, but here's a sample from the group I'm starting with:

Once I get these up, I'll be posting several new pieces here, including the necklaces, that I was working on before the justice system intervened.

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