Baby Steps

Those of you who know me well know how intimidated I am by computers and the internet. So you know, then, what a huge hurdle I am jumping over by starting a blog.
Many people have asked if my jewelry designs are available for sale on the internet, so this is my attempt to at least showcase a few pieces that I've made. And perhaps if I can gather up a bit more courage, I will eventually open an etsy account through which I'll sell some of these designs. For now, though, let's see how this goes. You know, baby steps.
The photos below are examples of pieces that I've been working on recently that are inspired by good luck and nautical-related charms, as well as by this awesome black and white plastic chain that I came across recently.
As I get more comfortable posting here, I'll add more images. I've made more than one hundred one-of-a-kind pieces, so I better get a move on!


eileen t said...

Suz love your designs! Saw your note about Matt's photo - how funny! I wish you luck with your new endeavor. I am also intimidated by "blogs" - this is my first communication! Glad you're still enjoying your jewelry and hope the store becomes a reality for you!

bebe-lowrider said...

Suzy, the pieces you made from what you picked up in New Orleans are absolutely gorgeous!

I get comments all the time about the earrings I wear that you made so am glad to finally have a site to send people to.

Keep it up!