Astoria Nights

Last night, my husband, Barry, and I had an early dinner at Aliada, a Cypriot restaurant here in Astoria. I had a delicious grilled seafood salad, and he had a tasty sandwich and Greek beer:

He was wearing a shirt and a watch that he found in two different vintage stores on Magazine Street in New Orleans. I just had to capture them on film (or more accurately, on memory card). And I was wearing a necklace that I made from a random metal piece that I found in a junk bin at Exile, a cool store in Richmond, Virginia. So Barry snapped a photo of it for me:

We met up with my brother, Peter, after dinner and went to Hell Gate Social, a bar in Astoria that's been getting some good press recently. The bar owners show movies, projected on the wall of a neighboring building, every Sunday night in their back garden area. Last night, they showed the latest in the Hell on Reels series, a exhibition which promotes short format films.

Peter relaxes inside post-films

Our walk home through Astoria from Hell Gate Social inspired a little project that I'm working on today. Check in later for the outcome...