There was Dog Mountain

The flowers are in bloom!  The hike up Dog Mountain that we went on earlier this week had as much of a killer ascent as I remembered.  It's so worth it.  Good thing we had a tasty breakfast Maurcie to sustain us.  And capping off the evening with a Monday night dinner special for two at Xico wasn't bad, either.  Oh, the Margaritas.


There was Austin



And it was awesome.  A five day trip to one of our favorite cities for Psych Fest/Levitation 2015.  Between concerts we managed to find a little bar we liked, a sandwich shop we loved, a neighborhood cafe that knocked our socks off, and some of the best barbecue we've ever eaten (there was some less than mediocre barbecue in there, too, lest you think all the meals were great).  We visited some of our favorite vintage shops in North Loop, had coffee at a spot that brought back lots of memories of trips we'd taken to Austin years ago, and were impressed by the art collection at the Blanton Museum.  We stayed up 'til 2 in the morning listening to some of our favorite bands, we woke up late and took naps to brace ourselves for three days of concerts, and had an all-around fabulous little vacation.


Where the Hell Have I Been? An Answer in Chronological Order

Mid-March: I spent many mornings, evenings, and weekend days sitting crossed legged on the floor of our apartment working on tons of new sulu-design jewelry.  I restocked Tumbleweed, Tender Loving Empire, Noun, and betsy & iya with the new pieces.  I didn't feel like taking photos of the new pieces, so I didn't.  Now I wish I had, but in another month and a half I'll have forgotten all about it.

Late March: After spending enough time indoors, I asked Barry to take me on an outdoor adventure.  I got what I asked for with a hike through a snow storm just east of Mount Hood.

Bring on April: The following weekend, I wanted an adventure of the sunny variety.  Barry and the weather obliged.  We found ourselves with our bikes east of Mount Hood again, just a few miles away from the spot where we went on the snowy hike the week before.  We had a fantastic, sunny, much needed weekend of camping.  I am itching for our backpacking season to begin.  I find myself regularly wondering how I could make living in a cabin in the mountains work for us.

Last weekend, we had one of those days where everything (everything, that is, except the theft of my bike) seemed just right: coffee from a great cafe, lunch outside in the sun, a long stroll with our cameras along the train tracks into the industrial part of our neighborhood, and the rediscovery of a favorite building.

The week since then has been a draining one.  I need to shake my head out and get in a good way.  I'm pretty sure I can figure out how to do that with two days off ahead of me.  Maybe I'll be back here before another six weeks pass to tell you about it.


When Our Plants are Happy...

I'm happy.
After a big round of repotting this morning, we're all happy.
I'm particularly psyched about the big guacamole bowl-like pot
that the philodendron lives in now.


Week of Color: Blue

My favorite color...
and one that's easy to capture in the Portland skies these days.


Week of Color: Orange

Just this:
A belated happy birthday to Barry, a Valentine's Day baby.

Edited to add a little more than just this...
the birthday cake was carrot cake.